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február 1877, Drážďany, Nemecko – † 3. júl 1952, Pasco County, Florida, Spojené štátyUSA) bol nemecko-americký radiologický technik pôsobiaci v Marine-Hospital Service v Key West na Floride.. Stal sa doslova posadnutý mladou kubánsko-americkou pacientkou Elenou "Helen" Milagro de Hoyos (* 31. júl 1909 - 25. október Carl Tanzler, or sometimes Count Carl von Cosel (February 8, 1877 – July 3, 1952), was a German-born radiology technologist at the Marine-Hospital Service in Key West, Florida.

Carl von cosel

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Awesome School. Follow. 6 years ago|56 views. The Strange Obsession of Dr. Carl Von Cosel.

júl 1909 - 25.

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Not much is known about his early life or family, except that he had one sister. He grew up in Imperial Germany, where he had an unremarkable childhood nonetheless. He had interests and hobbies such as science, astronomy and generally building and inventing things.

Carl von cosel

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Tanzler quickly abandoned his brood after accepting a position as a radiologic technician in Key West, where he worked at the U.S. Marine Hospital under the name Count Carl von Cosel. One year later, Carl abandoned his family and moved to Key West to become a radiologist. He began to refer to himself as “Count Carl Von Cosel” and claimed to have nine university degrees. In April of 1930, while working in a hospital, Von Cosel met the woman he had been dreaming of, 21-year-old Elena Milagro Hoyos. Se hela listan på 2019-11-06 · In the 1920’s, Carl Tanzler (later known as Carl von Cosel) emigrated from Germany to the the Florida Keys, in the United States, leaving behind a wife and two young daughters. Tanzer had worked as an x-ray technician and inventor in Germany, barely making enough to get by, but upon arrival in the US, he claimed to be a former submarine skipper and owner of nine college degrees. German immigrant Karl Tanzler, otherwise known as Count Carl Von Cosel, was working as a radiologic technologist at a hospital in Key West, Florida in 1930 when he met Elena Hoyos.

Joining us is author David L. Sloan, who wrote "The Lost Diary of Carl Von Cosel: A True Twisted Tale of Love After Death," to tell of a mad scientist, and eccentric, who fell in love with Elena Hoyos, and quite literally could not let her go after her death. Count Carl von Cosel. April 22, 1930.
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Carl von cosel

The years went by, and the rumors about the macabre hobby of Tanzler began to spread. The sister of Maria de Hoyos, Florinda, confronted Tanzler at his home and discovered her sister’s mummified body. She alarmed the authorities, and Tanzler was arrested for grave Carl Tanzler, alebo niekedy aj gróf Carl von Consel (* 8. február 1877, Drážďany, Nemecko – † 3.

On April 22, 1930, Tanzler had a fateful encounter. 2020-01-19 Carl Tanzler bibliography.
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He developed an obsession for a young Cuban-American tuberculosis patient, Elena "Helen" Milagro de Hoyos (July 31, 1909 – October 25, 1931), that carried on well after her death.

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Dieser gewährte J.G.F. Bohnenberger daraufhin ein  sin stam efter att ha accepterat en position som radiologisk tekniker i Key West, där han arbetade på US Marine Hospital under namnet greve Carl von Cosel. 7 von Olmütz aufgebrochen , mich wieder zurückgezogen und mit der übrigen Gros der Armee bey Cosel conjungirt C. G. Wrangels Brefrexling i Skoklosters Bibliotek , .

On April 22, 1930, while working at the Marine Hospital, Tanzler met the one person in his life he had been searching for since he was 12 years old: his soulmate. During the Great Depression, Count Carl Von Cosel, a fifty-some years old German immigrant worked as a civilian x-ray technician at the U. S. Marine hospital in Key West. Actually he was not a count and his real name was Carl Tanzler but he did come from Germany where his ex-wife and two daughters lived. Tanzler (also known as Carl von Cosel) carried the memory of that lovely woman into his adult life. Even after getting married and fathering two children, he never let go of the dream that his soulmate was still out there, waiting to be found.